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Poor, poor baby,
say you can’t help the fact that you’re so crazy,
and you’re so good at making me feel guilty
for trying to walk away ‘cause I’m tired of being mad

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which colleges are you considering ?

university of washington seattle is my #1 rn 

how do u feel ab the cast for the fifth wave ????

love chloe as cassie and idc about the other people im sure itll be great tho

this guy in my math class is rly nice to me. he's very polite and always asks how i am. the thing is he always asks a lot of questions, and they're the same ones all the time. i think he has a crush on me. also, ive figured out he's autistic. this is what i cant figure out what to do. i know autistic people need special attention, but then there are people who say we should treat them normal? so like, i wanna be extra patient, but at the same time i wanna tell him to stop asking me questions...

i wouldnt say they need “special attention”, and i dont have autism so i take this with a grain of salt but from my experience with kids and teenagers with a diagnosis somewhere on the autism spectrum is that they need a little bit of extra patience and empathy than someone without autism. i dont know what you mean by “figured out” that hes autistic??? but if he is just be understanding and patient with him and do your best to make him feel comfortable because its really good that hes reaching out to you and im sure you answering his questions means a lot to him because most people are extremely dismissive when it comes to kids with autism/aspergers so although he may be difficult sometimes, the kids ive interacted with that have autism/aspergers are some of the most kind and intelligent people ive ever met and i think it’ll really benefit you to take the time to become his friend :)

Did you hear about the skyrim 6 rumors?!

skyrim 6????? it’s the elder scrolls 6 you uncultured swine skyrim was just one out of 5 in the series GOD

"vajoochie said: it’s almost 11 here but I will help you tomorrow!!!!" when ;_;

sorry ive been busy all day like I haven’t even been home but what do you need

Do you think Kristen steward is a lesbian??

who cares

people need to RELAX if they say they wouldn't bang kai they're fuckin lying (he's also 15)

i know maybe they’re a new follower and they think im older

um that avatar post was really pedophiliac........

I’m 16??????????? not 18+???? also it is a cartoon

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sat here til the sun went down

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South Tyrolean Alps

Lukas Furlan